My Path

A few words about me....
coaching by walking
Following the call

How it started :
After a master in Physics (maîtrise Sciences Physiques) and a couple of years as a secondary school teacher, I decided to quit a secure life to explore the world and life.

The Journey :
I spent sometime in the UK doing various jobs, learning English.
Then back to France as a catering manager for a small English speaking seminar centre in Provence

I enjoyed the hands on experience and international atmospher.
When the centre closed, I went back to London, being a nanny first for a wealthy family then teaching business French mainly in the City.
I decided to do an MBA (Cass Business School)  being curious about organisations and business.
leadership meaning compass
You, sent out beyond your recall,
go to the limits of your longing.
Rainer Maria Rilke

A new life:
It opens the doors to a complete new range of experiences: as a management consultant in organisations, in Paris, London and Brussels or as a marketing manager for a law firm in the City. In my latest job for a big firm, I developed an expertise in systems thinking. This phase ended with a burn out in the late 90s.
Then I decided to resume my exploratory journey, first trekking in the Himalayas, then doing various trainings in the US or London including NLP master practitionner (ITS,London), or complexity sciences at Schumacher College with Fritjof Capra, and other personal growth workshops.

Back to roots :

Missing the South of France, I went back there, doing some tutoring for teen age kids and enjoying the company of youngsters for nearly 10 years.

A test :
sens direction
Where has she gone?

Unfortunately, a family drama gave me the impetus to move on. 
NLP coach training  (ITS London), various travels with the on-going need to explore, learn, discover new territories. 

On a pilgrimage :
I had a calling to do the Way of St James (Camino de Santiago).
It took me 2 months from Le Puy in France to Santiago (1700 kms). I went to Fisterra in Galicia. There I really felt the end of my journey, "fin de la terre", a place where the earth meets the ocean, the most western tip of continental Europe.
That's where I decided that I will help others follow their star...

I am back but the journey has not ended and will never finish...
I became a coach

chemin, pélerinage
"When you will be back home
tell yourself that you are still on the Camino 
and from now on you will be on it forever,
as it is a path without end."
Padre José Maria Maroquin