The Journey

adventure compass journey
Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead  where there is no path
and leave a trail. 
R.W. Emerson
There are three stages :

1. Preparation (or intake session)

It is important to set the frame and prepare the journey carefully by:
  • Explaining what coaching is and isn't
  • Checking where you are at and what your expectations are
  • Reviewing all aspects of life (wheel of life) as they are all interdependent.
  • Discovering your key values - the backbone of your motivation
  • Building a strong alliance between the coach and coachee
  • Creating the contract - the where, the frequency, costs and number of sessions
  • Building an alliance based on trust, openess and confidentiality
  • Abiding to the ICF code of Ethics
Commitment and clear intent allow for the magic of transformation to operate

2. The journey 

Similar to a pilgrimage or to the labyrinth process, the coaching comes and goes through peaks and valleys, twists and turns before it reaches the centre.

coaching de sens  coaching du chemin
Walking the Chartres labyrinth
as a pilgrimage to Self

Our mental processes and mindsets act as filters. They can also lead to limiting beliefs of ourselves and the world around. These in turn have an impact on our behaviours and actions.

They can create a mask or persona or false self.
It blocks our authenticity, creativity and sense of being alive. 

Using the logical levels pyramid from NLP (Bateson and Dilts) the process may start from the base (where and the environment) to move to 
behaviours (What), then to capabilities (How), to reach the level of values and beliefs (Why ) and finally identity (Who am I). Moving beyond is reaching the greater picture, the whole system and what gives us a sense of mission . 

In order to reach it, the coach's presence
and competencies are key.
walking the path authentic life
"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting
 to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."
André Gide

3. The return to the world 
After reaching the centre, releasing limiting beliefs and feeling re-energized,  it is time to go back and use the renewed energy and clarity to make changes. The perspective is different. New opportunities or ideas may have emerged with the release of what's no longer needed. 
New actions and habits can be put into place.
It is important to anchor the new by making action plans and starting to move forward to avoid falling back into old patterns.

The intake session is free .
Sessions are usually by skype : clairlm
or face to face in Provence (elsewhere to be arranged)

meaning and walking nature laedership
"You've climbed the top of a hundred foot pole; 
now keep on going." Dogon Zenji